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Specializing in Cloud Architectures, Complex Integration Scenarios and Mobile Development.

Mobile Applications

Design, Build and Deploy
Native iOS, Windows and Android
Back-end Services
UI/UX Design

Cloud Architectures

Integration Platform Design, RESTful APIs and Integration with SOAP Services, Security Architectures and Designs Leveraging AWS


20 Years Delivering Software Solutions

Recent Applications

AWS Hosted Web Application
Maximizer Connect for use with Gmail – Contacts are replicated from Maximizer to Google Contacts, Emails saved from Gmail back to Maximizer database.
iOS, Android and Windows Phone Application
Bazaar Hound – the worlds first native mobile application allowing users to browse and shop on the OpenBazaar network.
Windows Phone Application.
A full featured application delivering a mobile interface to the Corporate Performance Management Suite.
Java Application.
A platform application designed to configure data integration scenarios. Significantly reducing the deployment time for a cloud based Corporate Performance Management Suite

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